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Prescott City Council

For over 30 years I’ve enjoyed living in Prescott’s natural beauty, historical heritage, and arts & culture. I believe in a vision of growth that respects our values and the values our town.


Prescott Good Governance

Prescott Good Governance Committee enthusiastically endorses Cathey Rusing & Billie Orr for seats on the Prescott City Council.  We urge our fellow citizens to vote Cathey Rusing and Billie Orr for Council in the 2019 City election.

Prescott Good Governance Committee is a nonpartisan political action committee which promotes civic engagement and voter education by facilitating community discussion of public policy issues, registering voters, and inspiring citizens to accept the challenge of running for public office.  Over the last few years Prescott Good Governance has hosted multiple community forums to identify community concerns and articulate a preferred future for the community, the Prescott We Want, as envisioned by citizens.  

This vision of Prescott is a thriving, dynamic community characterized by:  a strong economy; wise water management; good stewardship of the area’s natural environment; effective management of growth; inclusionary government, and a reasonable, equitable tax and fee structure to support public services. 

Cathey’s commitment to sustainable growth and respect for Prescott’s economic and natural resources will guarantee lasting prosperity for the City of Prescott and its citizens.  Her vision for regional cooperation, stewardship of our city’s unique character, and diversification of Prescott’s economy makes her essential to a thriving, dynamic Prescott.

Billie’s unshakable conviction to safeguard our city’s future through critical policymaking and by attracting innovative economic partners enhances the quality of life for all of Prescott’s citizens and invests in our youth. Her extensive and ever-expanding service to community organizations and Prescott’s citizens furthers our endorsement as a superlative leader for Prescott. 

Ballots have been mailed to all eligible City of Prescott voters. Ballots must be at the Yavapai County Recorder’s office by August 27th, 2019 at 7:00PM. Ballots may be mailed back or dropped into the official drop box at the county recorder’s office by that date. The Yavapai County Recorder’s address is 1015 Fair St. #228, Prescott, AZ 86305.

Tom Whittaker

Tom is an Educator, Consultant, Mountaineer and Expeditionist

”Council members need to be “Straight Arrows” that are honest, hardworking and possess
unshakable integrity. In addition, Cathey Rusing promises to be a council member who is
responsible to the concerns and needs of the Prescott community. She has a sustainable long
term vision that is sensible and right for Prescott and it’s role in the Tri City area. Prescott needs
Cathey Rusing and we need to vote her into office Cathey Rusing pledges to be diligent, transparent and upright in executing her fiduciary duties. She has the personal qualities, the smarts, drive and commitment to be exactly the council member we need and deserve. Her example will encourage likeminded citizens to join her…All we have to do is to vote for Cathey Rusing.”

Gail Steiger

Gail is a Cowboy, Song Writer, Musician

“I am endorsing Cathey Rusing’s candidacy for Prescott City Council. I believe Cathey will
bring some common sense to the council that in the recent past seems to believe that “all
growth is good, the more the better”. That philosophy may work for people in real estate,
construction and retail, but in the long run we all pay the costs of excessive growth, both in
additional taxes and more importantly in the overall decline in our quality of life.”

Bradley Newman

“I’ve known Cathey over 40 years. She’s a successful mother, nurse, business developer and manager, and a thoughtful, concerned, committed Prescottonian. Cathey will be a POSITIVE, fresh voice on council.”

Fred Markham M.D.

“I have known Cathey Rusing for 35 years. I have seen her raise her boys, manage her
husband’s business and take care of patients. She is intelligent, friendly but firm, compassionate but realistic. She is dedicated to keeping Prescott the beautiful home that has attracted so many of us. I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy for Prescott city council”

Carol Darrow

Carol is an educator in the Prescott area

“I have known Cathey Rusing and her family for over 25 years. She can be trusted to present
the citizens of Prescott in a responsible manner that reflects the best interests of our unique and
beloved hometown.”

Connie Cantelme

“Cathey Rusing has my endorsement because I believe Cathey has a greater understanding
of the path that Prescott must take to preserve what we have here in our city. For too long the
city core, the heart of Prescott, has been neglected and set aside for bigger, newer
development. Cathey understands that we must value and enhance our city, starting with our
aging infrastructure and the blighting conditions of our downtown neighborhoods. She
understands the affects of neglect on the businesses and tax paying citizens of Prescott.
It is time for a changing of the guards’ and electing a new face and a new outlook is what is
Best for our city and the good of all.”

Jean Wilcox

Jean is a former Prescott city councilwomen

”Serving on the Prescott City Council requires so much more than showing up for the meetings. There are volumes of materials to read before each meeting, people to meet with, and council committees and events to attend. I know that Cathey Rusing is up to the task of fulfilling the responsibilities of public office. She’ll ask the tough questions because she won’t assume she has all the answers. She’s the best choice for your next council person”


Tom BarryExperiential educator, non profit advisor, advocate

Chuck Budinger

Noel Campbell – State representative district 1 

Mary Beth Campbell (Hrin)

Connie Cantelme – Prescott downtown business owner

Carol Darrow – Educator

Warren Darrow – Retired superior court judge pro tem

Scott Evans

Dave Fisher – Lifelong Prescott resident

Debbie Fisher – Long time Prescott resident

Geralyn Garvey 

Tamra Kelly – Long time resident, rancher

Fred Markham – Physician

Janet Markham & Bill Otwell  Long time residents

Sandy Moss – AZTV show host

Kathleen Murphy – Native Arizonan

Brad Newman

Travis Rushing

Julie Rushing

Roy Smith – Adventurer, explorer, educator, consultant

Gail Steiger – Cowboy, songwriter, musician

Mary Ann Suttles – Former Prescott city councilor (three terms). Secty. of Frontier Days Rodeo Board, Pres. of United Way of Yavapai County

Tom Whittaker

Jean Wilcox – Former Prescott city councilor

Cathey Rusing

As your City Council Person, I promise to perform my Fiduciary Duty and put the best interests of our community FIRST


Here’s what’s important to me:

  • A vision for growth that respects our values and values our town
  • Solutions to mitigate traffic congestion, and improve walkability, bike ability, and connectivity
  • Ensuring an adequate water supply through conservation and regional planning, including functional rainwater harvesting, and protection of our aquifers and the Verde River
  • A vision for developing a diverse business community and a vibrant downtown
  • Investment in the natural beauty, Open Space, trails, historical heritage, and arts & culture of our community
  • In depth study of the issues, with a financially responsible perspective
  • Truth and transparency, with more public input, not less



Born at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Cathey grew up as a “Military Brat.” Her Father was a 20 year careerAir Force Colonel, in NATO Intelligence and her Mother was a “WAM” (Woman Aircraft Mechanic) during the war.

She has been a resident of Arizona since 1965, graduated from the U of A with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, and has been a proud resident of Prescott since 1986.

Picking up packet at city hall with Maureen Scott (city clerk), Catherine Schild (campaign treasurer), Dr. Tom Rusing (spouse) Jan 16th.

Cathey has a broad perspective, and has gained insights about other countries, cultures, and governments when she volunteered in the Mountains of Guatemala while a student nurse and lived and worked in highlands of Kenya with husband, Tom, as medical volunteers.

Cathey’s interests and activities include boating and exploring on Lake Powell, kayaking, travel, yoga, hiking, jogging, enjoying the National Parks and public lands, and family gatherings and celebrations.